Relive your favorite moments of fandom and geekery, then pin 'em on your hat, bag, board or anywhere you like.

About Us

Although my first pin was created in May 2016, King_Pins officially started in April 2017. The name was chosen largely in part because it was the best Pin Pun handle that was available on Instagram with a geek feel, appeal to it.


My pin designs are based on everything that I love...a lot of fandom and geekery with a concentration on my home, the Bay Area. 

I'm always open to suggestions or feel free to contact me with any ideas you may have.

Calia Designs

King Pins is a branch of Calia Designs, which has been my artistic outlet since 2012. Calia's business is custom laser engraving services as well as a line of wood jewelry and accessories.

My Pins are still under my Calia store and you may see a lot of posts referring to my Calia work. 

Confusing? I know. I'm one man wearing many hats, its hard for me to keep things straight sometimes too.